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Classic Tecnologistics & Trade Pvt. Ltd

Transforming Defense through Tech

With a focus on durability and efficiency, our rugged terrain forklifts are engineered to navigate the most challenging landscapes. Additionally, our expertly designed 463L Pallets, tailored for Indian aircrafts, ensure streamlined and secure aerospace logistics, reaffirming Classic Tecnologistics' commitment to innovation and excellence in defense solutions.

Precision in Terrain Mobility & Aerospace Logistics

Harnessing the power of augmented and virtual reality, we offer bespoke training solutions tailored for the military and healthcare sectors. Our AR and VR platforms are meticulously crafted to enhance real-world skill sets, providing immersive experiences that translate to precision and efficiency in mission-critical scenarios.

Immersive AR & VR Training Modules

Classic Tecnologistics specializes in designing containerised solutions for the military. Our shelters, state-of-the-art kitchens, and eco-conscious biotoilets stand as a testament to our dedication to providing premium, long-lasting facilities for the defense sector, ensuring operational excellence in every environment.

Military-Grade Containerised Solutions

Local Roots, National Impact

Emerging from local origins, Classic Tecnologistics rapidly positioned itself as a stalwart in defense and technological innovation. Our portfolio, encompassing advanced containerised solutions to immersive AR/VR training modules, epitomizes our relentless pursuit of excellence. Today, our brand resonates as a benchmark for top-tier defense and tech integrations nationwide.

The Story of Classic

We deliver custom-designed combat clothing that combines durability with comfort, ensuring optimal performance and protection for frontline personnel in any operational setting.

Combat Clothing

We offer specialized tactical wear designed for maximum protection and agility, ensuring our nation's protectors are equipped for any mission or environment they encounter.

Tactical Wear

Classic Tecnologistics modernizes India's defense with advanced tech solutions, enhancing operational efficiency and mission readiness.


We provide a comprehensive range of material handling equipment, from cargo pallets to rough-terrain forklifts, designed for efficient logistics and supply chain management in demanding environments.

Material Handling

We offer AR and VR solutions for medical and operational training, providing immersive experiences that elevate skill levels and preparedness for real-world medical and tactical scenarios.





Our strategy is to forge strong partnerships while delivering specialized, high-quality equipment and tech solutions, exceeding the evolving needs of India's defense and security sectors.


Our execution is marked by precision and reliability. Through expertise and strong partnerships, we've consistently fulfilled orders, exceeding client expectations in quality and timely delivery.

Past Orders

Our track record in fulfilling past orders for the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, Odisha Police, and Disaster Management speaks to our commitment to quality, reliability, and client satisfaction.

Our valuable Partners

Our Clients

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