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Classic Tecnologistics & Trade Pvt. Ltd


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This is the space to introduce the Services section. Briefly describe the types of services offered and highlight any special benefits or features.


AR/VR Firefighting Operational Training Tool

Experience the future of firefighting training with our AR/VR-based tool. Designed to simulate real-world scenarios, this solution offers immersive training, enhancing decision-making and response time.

Cargo Pallets for Flights

Our cargo pallets, specifically engineered for aerial transportation, set a new standard in logistics. Made with high-strength materials, they are tailored to meet the unique needs of the Indian Air Force.

Mobile Container Solutions

Elevate field logistics and operational efficiency with our Mobile Container Solutions. Comprising fully-equipped Kitchens, durable Shelters, and hygienic Toilets, these containerized units ensure quick deployment and meet the rigorous standards of the Indian Air Force. Engineered for durability and flexibility, they provide a comprehensive solution for challenging field conditions.

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